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One platform.
Thousands of creators.

We care about the relationships that are formed between the brands and creators on our platform. That's why we continuously invest in the development and quality of our Influencer network. We save brands time and help set them up for successful collaborations by curating a talented roster of creators for them to to work with. The result? Perfect matches between brands and creators - resulting in long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Easy management
Effortless tracking.

Organizing, managing, and tracking your campaigns could not be easier with our all-encompassing campaign management tools. From creation to completion, our platform gathers all of the data, insights, and analytics of your campaigns and houses it in one, easy to navigate place. So say goodbye to spending hours flipping between spreadsheets while updating your campaign status - and say hello to the next time saving tool you need in your tool belt.

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Authentic content
One click away.

Collecting, reviewing, and re-using could not be simpler with our Content Library system. Simply download the content your influencers create for you and use it anyway you want – all with the touch of one button.

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An ambassador team
 that unlocks engagement.

Explore thousands of handpicked creators, set
  your team and build true ambassadorships.

The control center for
 your creator marketing.

Building a unique and authentic team of ambassadors can be a daunting task - but with our feature-packed software and our discovery tools at your disposal, you can find the exact type of creator you're looking for, invite them to your team, track their content, manage campaigns and analyze results - effortlessly.

Who posted?
Instant overview.

Track all creators content in real time. Easily keep tabs on which creators have posted, what content is in progress, and send reminders to creators who still need to complete their tasks.

Creator Compensation. Aligned and on time.

Keep track of campaign spending, invoicing, and payments to the creators with our Wallet feature. Simply put - spend less time budgeting and more time maximizing your results.

Analyze performance. Optimize. Repeat.

We track everything from engagement and clicks, to views and reach, in our comprehensive - yet user friendly - analytics overview tool.

Instant communications.
Organic partnerships.

Stay in touch with your creators, give honest feedback, and easily build open communication with our messaging feature.

And so much more...

Manage all of your influencer marketing efforts from start to finish by matching with influencers, building strong relationships, running campaigns, tracking content, paying your creators, and analysing results.

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"We scaled from 1 to 5 countries and from 40 to 400 creators within the first months using Dream."


Marie Louise

Social Media Manager at Ditur.dk

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