Influencer Marketing

NEW: Influencer Relationship Management at Dreaminfluence

7. jan. 2021

We've created a Dream-team universe as part of our platform, where your business can establish long-term collaborations, execute campaigns, and build an influencer community.

Focus on Long-Term Collaborations: In a world where #ad and #sponsored posts are increasingly common, building credibility with your Influencer Marketing is more important than ever. The key is to tap into long-term influencer collaborations, structuring and tracking all partnerships without spending too much time on it.

Introducing the Dream-team: Your control center for all your Influencer Marketing needs. Build your exclusive influencer team, create unlimited tasks, track all content via hashtags/tags, build your brand's Content Library, and download all content, which can be freely used on your socials.

Authenticity seems to be the key to success in 2023. Engaging your team is crucial, for example, through product collaborations, loyalty bonuses, or always-on campaigns where the influencer receives regular product gifting.

Time-Saving Features and Functions: The Dream-team is designed to scale without requiring more time. The challenge often is that the more influencers in your team, the more management and work required. We've automated many time-consuming processes so you can focus on what's important.

1: Automated Content Tracking: No more manually checking if your influencers have posted updates or Instagram Stories. With your Dream-team activity feed and task tracking, we can automatically update you on who has posted, who hasn't, and when they posted.

BONUS: Follow-up notifications for influencers who haven't posted yet.

2: All Content in One Place - No More Screenshots: Forget about taking screenshots of your influencers' posts, which easily get lost in your photo album after a few months. We've created a Content Library that allows you to download all content from your team continuously and also retrieve content from past collaborations.

3: Automatic Approval Process: You no longer need to spend time inviting and approving influencers for each campaign. Influencers in your Dream-team can automatically join your campaign, so you always have an overview of which members are participating. You just approve them to be part of your team and the terms that come with it.

Automatic Influencer Applications for Your Team: We've made it easy for influencers to discover your Dream-team. Through our platform, your team is always accessible to over 4000 profiles, so you can continuously receive new applications. You can easily add new members and save influencers for later use with our "queue function." This function is your backup of influencers, ensuring you never have to spend hours again inviting, recruiting, and finding influencers for your campaigns. Your queue shows influencers who want to be part of your team and tasks.

We're proud of our new Dream-team and love showing it off. Want a demo of how it looks and works? You can book a 30-minute online presentation right here.