Influencer Marketing

Tips for Becoming a Stronger Brand as an Influencer

23. feb. 2021

The author of this post is Josefine Bak, who has worked professionally as an influencer for many years. Drawing from her experience, she shares her top tips for new influencers on how to build their own brand, approach influencer collaborations, and offers a wealth of insights for influencers. Josefine currently runs and has 47,000 followers on her Instagram and 35,000 on TikTok.

Tips for Becoming an Influencer

When working as an influencer, remember that you are your own brand. Your brand as an influencer is as crucial as any business out there. You need to nurture, protect, and grow it. So, think carefully about your decisions when posting something or speaking on a topic.

If you dream of collaborating with brands, finding the right match is key. Companies will assess if your brand aligns with theirs, and you should do the same. Ask yourself, "Do the company's values align with mine?" This is one of the most critical questions. Also, ensure they match what you post on your social media.

If you want to be considered by specific companies, stay informed about their values. You might be overlooked for things like underwear/bikini photos, opinions, or past collaborations. So, think carefully about the brand you've built. There's no right or wrong in what you post or discuss, but it will influence the types of companies you appeal to.

A "healthy" influencer profile has a few but long-lasting collaborations. This approach is more credible to your followers and, of course, your partners. These types of collaborations are harder to secure, as they require the company to really believe in you or be happy with past collaborations. It might require good negotiation strategies and knowing the value of your profile to make strong arguments.

Personally, I prefer saying no many times to say yes to the right partner. This approach also helps me secure longer-lasting relationships I'm proud of. I also focus on ensuring the relationship is beneficial for both parties.

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